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Local Communities

At Capital Regional Pharmacy Services, each person matters. We dedicate ourselves to caring for the total well-being of every patient we serve. Aside from our day-to-day responsibilities, we take pride in supporting the communities that work tirelessly to provide the best care for the intellectual and developmentally disabled individuals, by participating in their fundraising events.

Donating to such fundraisers can have a lasting impact on patient care and the community. Your generosity enhances the quality, convenience, and excellence of healthcare and wellness within our community so we invite you to participate along with us in supporting the agencies in our community.

Our Local Communities

Disclosure: All funds go directly to the agencies below.

Schenectady ARC

Schenectady ARC Supports individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.

Schenectady ARC is a chapter of The ARC New York, Inc., a private, not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting individuals with intellectual and other developmental disabilities and their families throughout New York State. Founded in 1952 by parents of children with intellectual and other developmental disabilities, Schenectady ARC has continuously expanded its range of services.

Today, Schenectady ARC focuses on providing comprehensive support options. Utilizing a highly personalized planning process, Schenectady ARC collaborates with individuals, their families, or other advocates to identify the ideal combination of supports and services to help individuals achieve their goals and aspirations. Schenectady ARC’s services encompass employment support, residential services, day programs, medical and clinical services, as well as recreational programs. Throughout Schenectady County, Schenectady ARC operates programs that offer diverse options and support for individuals of all ages and abilities.

The Arc of Rensselaer County

The Arc of Rensselaer County fosters inclusivity, enabling disabled individuals to enrich communities.

The Arc of Rensselaer County, established in 1950, defied the institutionalization norm for individuals with developmental disabilities. Founded by visionary parents, it advocated for keeping disabled children at home and nurturing inclusive communities. Creating training centers and fundraisers, The Arc provided education and support for those excluded from typical community settings.

Over time, it shifted from institutional care to community-based options like group homes and workshops, advancing inclusivity and breaking barriers. Today, The Arc focuses on individualized arrangements, integrated community settings, and self-determination, empowering individuals with developmental disabilities to be active contributors to their communities. Its ongoing efforts improve lives and enrich the communities it serves.

Warren-Washington-Albany ARC (WWAARC)

WWAARC supports individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.

Warren-Washington-Albany ARC (WWAARC) is devoted to empowering individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, alongside their families, to help them realize their full potential. Their vision is to create a future where these individuals are fully embraced as valued members of diverse communities, connected to opportunities.

As part of The Arc New York (formerly NYSARC, Inc.), WWAARC is one of the largest nonprofit organizations in New York, dedicated to supporting people with developmental disabilities and their families. It was formed in 2013 through the merger of Warren, Washington Counties ARC and Albany County ARC, both with origins dating back to 1951. These chapters were established by determined parents advocating for better support for their children with disabilities. Today, WWAARC is family-led, employing over 650 staff and serving nearly 1,000 individuals and families, actively promoting inclusivity and opportunities within the community.

AIM Services Inc

AIM Services provides personalized support to people with diverse abilities, fostering their independence.

AIM Services, Inc., a non-profit organization, provides residential and community-based supports to people with diverse abilities, including those with developmental and intellectual disabilities. They focus on promoting self-confidence and independence through services, advocacy, and education. Their person-centered support model allows individuals to choose personalized services that provide the greatest opportunities for independence. They offer services in Saratoga, Warren, and Washington County, and their Self-Direction program services reach multiple regions.

They are approved to provide services through the New York State Office of People With Developmental Disabilities and the New York State Department Of Health. Their approach is driven by values such as respect, individuality, quality, integrity, and partnership.