About Us

Capital Regional Pharmacy Services was founded in Albany, NY by pharmacists on the principle of providing patient-centric and personal, and specialized care to patients needing specialty medications in the Capital Region and surrounding cities.

Who We Are

 With increased complexity in today’s health field, we are going back to basics. With the Patient first mindset, our entire operation has been set up to support the patient, caregivers and healthcare professionals. By focusing on the patient’s well-being every step of the way, we pride in providing a personal touch and the highest quality customer service to facilities and their patients.

Leadership Team

Harsh Kothari

President, Capital Regional Pharmacy Services

Harsh is the President of Capital Regional Pharmacy Services, an independent LTC and Specialty pharmacy. After graduating from the College of Pharmacy, Harsh started his career as a community pharmacist in a large national chain. Throughout the years he held multiple leadership roles. He is an advocate for pharmacists performing on top of their license to improve patient care and patient access to healthcare.

With 10+ years of management experience, Harsh has demonstrated success in multi-unit management, leading large teams to deliver customer service and patient care. While focusing on building high-performing teams, he enjoys mentoring and motivating team members to achieve organizational, personal, and professional goals. With a deep commitment to improving healthcare access and enhancing patient experiences, Harsh strives to streamline the complex world of pharmacy services, ensuring that individuals and caregivers can navigate their pharmaceutical needs with ease and confidence.

Tatiana Roupas

Director of Marketing & Sales

Born and raised in Romania, Tatiana moved to The United States in 2015 when she was offered a scholarship to study in Boston, MA. A strong believer in the power of positive thinking in the workplace, Tatiana is always working toward establishing strong connections with her colleagues and clients. While mastering the ins and outs of pharmaceutical marketing, sales and territorial prospecting, Tatiana spends the majority of her time brainstorming sales strategies and connecting with other industry professionals who are interested in talking shop.

She is actively involved in the Saratoga Springs community, serving as a member on the SPAC Steering & Junior Committee, as well as The Fund Development & Marketing Committee for the Saratoga Springs Preservation Foundation. When not working, Tatiana enjoys spending time with friends, going on hikes, gourmet cooking and always planning the next trip home to see her family.

Krutika Patel

Clinical Consultant Pharmacist

Krutika is the clinical consultant pharmacist at Capital Regional Pharmacy Services. After graduating from the College of Pharmacy, she has worked in various multidisciplinary settings including inpatient and outpatient care as well as oncology centers. Krutika has 12+ years of diverse experience in medication therapy management, antibiotic stewardship and healthcare systems.

She is passionate about providing excellent patient care involving complex health issues. She has a strong expertise in analyzing clinical situations, collaborating with medical practitioners and following pharmacy protocols. She has dedicated her profession with empathy and care for the patients so they can lead a healthy life.