Support Our
Local Communities

At Capital Regional Pharmacy Services, each person matters. We dedicate ourselves to caring for the total well-being of every patient we serve. Aside from our day-to-day responsibilities, we take pride in supporting the communities that work tirelessly to provide the best care for the intellectual and developmentally disabled individuals, by participating in their fundraising events.

Donating to such fundraisers can have a lasting impact on patient care and the community. Your generosity enhances the quality, convenience, and excellence of healthcare and wellness within our community so we invite you to participate along with us in supporting the agencies in our community.

Our Local Communities

Disclosure: All funds go directly to the agencies below.

Liberty ARC

Supports people with disabilities to achieve a quality of life each person values.

The Liberty Foundation is an organization dedicated to supporting individuals with developmental and other disabilities in the community. They fund various initiatives, including a Supported Employment Program, which covers transportation costs to help individuals maintain employment. The foundation also backs Liberty ARC’s Computer Lab and Learning Center, a resource for skill development. Fundraising events like Denim & Diamonds contribute to an inclusive Traveling Theater Program and an innovative Community Sensory Playground, benefiting both individuals with disabilities and the wider community.

Additionally, the foundation has supported Family Support Programs, community projects like elevator installations and access ramps, and grants for local agencies assisting children with mental health issues. Donations to the Liberty Foundation help sustain these essential programs and promote inclusivity and accessibility.

Schenectady ARC

Schenectady ARC is committed to helping people in the Capital Region 

Schenectady ARC operates as a chapter of The ARC New York, Inc., a nonprofit organization committed to assisting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families across New York State. Established in 1952 by parents of children with such disabilities, Schenectady ARC continually expands its support and services.

Today, Schenectady ARC prioritizes individualized care. Through a person-centered planning approach, their staff collaborates closely with individuals, their families, or advocates to tailor a fitting blend of supports and services aligning with each individual’s aspirations. These encompass employment opportunities, residential services, day programs, medical and clinical assistance, as well as recreational activities. Operating programs throughout Schenectady County, Schenectady ARC strives to provide options and support for individuals of all ages and abilities, enhancing their overall quality of life.